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Sun. Nov 10th 2019
Rural Tactical Operations at Sharon Fire House. November 12, 14, 19 and 21.
Sat. Oct 13th 2018
Come Join us on Saturday October 13th from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM to celebrate. We will have ice cream and light refreshments as well as hay rides.
Tue. Sep 11th 2018
We will be having our Annual Golf Tournament at the beautiful Sharon Country Club. It is a best ball style of play and we can have 18 teams of 4 people. Contact Stan at 860-671-5758 for more informati...
Sun. Oct 8th 2017
Come join us and a few of your favorite Stormtroppers on our Pancake Breakfast morning.This year, we will be having a raffle for 3 prizes. The Drawing will be held at 10:00 AM.Top Prize: Full size 1:1...
Tue. Sep 12th 2017
We are having our annual Golf tournament at the Sharon Country Club on Tuesday September 12th with a rain date of Tuesday September 19th. It will be a 4 person team best ball format. Lunch and dinner ...
Adult Soap Box Derby

The Adult Soap Box Derby

Saturday July 20, 2013

This is it, this is the place where you get all the information for the most fun gravity has to offer.

This is a unique fun fueled competition for adults 21 and over that combines the excitement of NASCAR and the hilarity of Funniest Home Videos. Let the kids watch and cheer you on as you compete for the Championship and bragging rights. Entries are strictly DIY (DO IT YOURSELF) and held to a workman like standard to make sure you don’t end in a storm of splinters and car parts, though we make no guaranties. It’s a test of engineering ability, racing prowess and sheer determination.

The 2012 Derby left little room to question that this is definately a RACE! As the competition gets tighter, the racing gets better. Champions this year got a special treat in the Victory Lane ceremony as awards were presented by special guests Miss Connecticut USA & Miss Teen Connecticut USA.

A refreshing breeze kept the 2500+ Race fans cool as the completion heated up, from fantastically funny to frantically fast, we got them all and at the end of the day a new Champion was Crowned. 

The 2009 Race was an out of the gate sucsess. 25 Racers, from 5 States competed for that coveted Victory Lane spot as an estimated 1000 spectators watched as history was made in Sharon Valley. Competition was both fierce and fun, and before the day was done the hill had claimed 2 and had produced an eye watering 43MPH Top Speed Record and that was all before the nail biting, jaw dropping infamous Le Mans Race.

The 2010 Race was off the hook. 100 degree heat, 38 Entries, multiple crashes and a new speed record. An estimated 1800 spectators braved the heat and humidity to enjoy a truely unique event. Turn 3 claimed 2 more victims and sent them off to the hospital but all live to race another day. New items were added to the Smokin Fire House Grille including Sweet Sharon Valley Ray's Onion Rings and we also added a shuttle service to get you from your car to the action and back again.

The 2011 Derby was HOT HOT HOT. 105 degrees, nearly 60 entries, approximately 2200 spectators and a NEW CHAMPION. The racing is getting tighter and the designs are getting quirkier. Turn 3 claims 2 more as hay bales and racers went flying.

Now its time to get building for 2013

Check out the Video in our Links Gallery

Don't be too scared, your car doesnt have to be super fast so long as it's super cool and you are looking for a fun day. There are multiple catagories to compete in and at least 1 trophy in every "Class" which include:

1. Speed Class ( 1st,2nd,3rd fastest & others)

2. Creative Class (Artistic, Creative, Featherweight)

3. Ladies Class (Powder Puff)

4. Crash Class (Broken Wheel, Scarest Ride & more)

5. Emergency Services Class (The Braggin' Bell)

6. Time Trials (Lucky Dog, Slowest & more)

Like we said this is a (DIY) DO IT YOURSELF style competition. That doesn't mean that you have to carve out wooden wheels for your car, but it does mean that go-cart chassis, AASBD Kit Cars or the like will not be eligible for competition within the Speed Class.

Please read the RULES carefully and follow them, they are for everyones safety including the Race Officials, Spectators and Racers. Download a copy and refer to them often.

To download the RULES and other info for the Derby, you will need to:

1. Click on the Files Tab on the left side and look for a catagory marked Soapbox.

2. Read and Download the files




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